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A Much Delayed Update

Hello again all!
As it seems happens every time I update this blog, I must apologize for the massive delay in this post's appearance! Life has simply been far too bosy, in the best ways possible. Classes are starting to wrap up over here, my last lectures will be on Thursday (6 days from today). It is quite frightening how fast this semester has flown by! Nevertheless, I have a two week spring break, a one week "reading period"", and a 4 week exam period (in which I have only 3 exams to take!) still to enjoy, not to mention my summer adventures in Europe! There have been many fun developments since my last update, and I'll try to remember to relay them all in a somewhat coherent/ semi-chronological manner.
Firstly, my friend Jake from Hamilton came out to visit me for a week over their spring break! We had initially hatched the idea of him visiting me as something of a joke at the end of last semester, but his parents were game to pay for his plane ticket, so we jumped on the opportunity. He arrived early on the monday of last week, and stayed all the way until early Sunday morning. We didn't do much the first night as he was considerably jetlagged (a phenomena which similarly plagued me on my arrival!), But starting on Tuesday we made sure to see the sights. I took him out to an Irish Pub called "Malone's" which he really enjoyed, they had an excellent local band playing when we went on Wednesday. I say Wednesday because we spent Tuesday celebrating my Birthday, the big 21! We managed to back around 15 to 20 people into our flat for my birthday party on Tuesday night, and Jake even put together a special "American" style playlist for the party (Jake is quite into DJing, and is quite good at it!). Everyone seems to have had quite a good time, and I was quite pleased! I also made sure to take Jake to visit the Castle, which was an amazing experience. I'd not actually been to the Castle yet when I took him, and let me say, I HIGHLY recommend it! it is quite expensive, but the views offered at many points are absolutely amazing. We took quite a few pictures, but, since we went straight from when I had class, I stupidly forgot to bring my camera, so I have to figure out how to get them all off of Jake Facebook before I can upload them here!
In other news, I treated my unofficial host family to front row tickets to an Edinburgh Capitals Ice Hockey Club game! They won 4-2! I was a good game, and I think they quite enjoyed it, which is awesome as I love being able to promote Ice Hockey wherever I go! Side Note: The hitting rules must be significantly stricter for the game over here. There were a NUMBER of times throughout the game where a Capitals or Stars (Dundee Stars, the opposing team) had someone on the other team lined up dead-to-rights for an earthshattering hit, and opted to try for the poke check instead, much to my chagrin (I kept wanting to shout "Take the man, not the puck!!!", an old hockey adage).
In one final note before I depart again, I have officially purchased my Rail pass for this summer, which arrived yesterday, and I booked the hostel room for my time in Amsterdam! More bookings should be completed in the next couple weeks, but they will have to wait for my Spring Break travel plans to elapse first, I'm headed to Belfast for the first week of Spring Break, and Rome the second!

Until Next Time!

Posted by Gwyckoff 12:10

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